GoSpotCheck: How Empire stays on the ball for you

Empire retail representatives use our GoSpotCheck software in partnership with Market 6 retail sales information to provide real-time reporting on your products within each Kroger store.

GoSpotCheck runs on handheld tablets and phones to keep us connected at all times to the data you need to succeed.

GoSpotCheck arms our retail store teams to report on:

  • Out-of-stocks and void closures
  • Pricing accuracy verification
  • Feature and display activity
  • Tags replaced
  • Planogram compliance
  • Product quality
  • Cases stocked
  • Surge work

Keep your products coming. Keep your products moving. Keep your business thriving.

Easy to work with, easy to succeed with

We’re passionate about the retail grocery business, and it shows. You won’t find partners more dedicated or involved than your Empire team.

  • Kroger Connectivity Edited

    Kroger connectivity

    Kroger connectivity

    Every retailer has its own process for putting new products on the shelf. We know Kroger’s. And we can streamline it for you.

    Kroger Connectivity
  • Client Services

    Client services

    Client services

    With over 40 years of Kroger retail experience, Empire is uniquely qualified to offer complete support based on your needs, including headquarter connections, retail services, data analytics, customer service, marketing consulting and more.

    Learn more
  • Total Retail Test

    Total retail store coverage

    Total retail store coverage

    Empire has separate Center Store, Deli/Bakery, Meat/Seafood and Produce retail teams at each Kroger division, who are experts in their fields to guide you to success at retail store execution.

    Total Retail Store Coverage

In-store presence, every day

Ensuring distribution. Correcting out-of-stocks. Verifying pricing. Educating store associates. Studying trends. Being product experts. Collaborating with Kroger category managers and corporate leadership.

That’s what we do. By living and breathing the Kroger culture all day, every day, Empire works nonstop to make sure you and your brand shine in the best possible light.

We’re ready when you are.

If you’d like to know more about what Empire can do for you, please let us know, and we’ll follow up with you.