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What would help you succeed with Kroger? That’s what we’re here to do. Empire has the resources to make your job easier and more productive in every way.

In the store, we’re hands-on, ensuring your products look great, your promotions and special events go off as planned, distribution is ongoing, and store employees are well informed.

At the division level, we assist with promotional strategies and execution, in-stock positions, retail pricing, display compliance, and more.

At the corporate level, we help with headquarters calls to develop relationships, present promotional plans, execute promotions, and present new products and ideas.

We can customize a program to fit your needs. Just say the word.

  • Headquarters assistance
  • In-store training
  • Product placement and pricing
  • Speed to shelf, surge and blitz work
  • In-store displays
  • Customer data analysis
  • Product distribution
  • Grand openings and resets

A growing stable of brands

Empire has built relationships with a wide range of clients, from exciting new entries to established local and regional brands to some of the biggest names in the industry.

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In-store training

As part of our retail services, Empire thoroughly trains Kroger employees to become product experts themselves, particularly in key areas like the deli, bakery and cheese departments. The more they know about everything from product ingredients to proper preparation and presentation, the more confident they are in their role as valuable sales associates.

Cutting-edge technology leads to smarter decision-making.

Customers are fickle. What motivates and moves them? Your data holds the key, and we’re specialists at mining it to bring you the latest, most relevant insights.




Kroger’s proprietary tool takes complex shopping preferences modeling to a whole new level, revealing relevant customer patterns and a deeper, more accurate understanding of their wants and needs.


Market 6

In combination with 84.51°, Market 6 uses demand forecasts and predictive analytics to improve retail operations, from planning and merchandising to inventory management and promotional effectiveness.

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Syndicated data

Our team of analysts uses IRI and other advanced tools to help you measure performance, uncover new opportunities and innovate with greater speed and accuracy.



Empire’s mobile data collection streamlines everything, allowing us to capture, report, analyze and share real-time store information instantly via tablets and smartphones.

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